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For Love…Not Just a Living

For Love…Not Just a Living
March 15
10:25 2019

Sliced bread is for many the quickest, easiest means to breakfast or supper because they are readily available at most shops and supermarkets; but people who prefer the more traditional Creole bread and bun have kept one elderly baker woman in the business for decades, still buying her johnny cakes, powder buns, and Creole bread and bun.

Nella Straughan is now 81 years old and has a leg injury which she suffered a few years ago, but while those have impeded her daily production of these goodies, they have not incapacitated her completely. In fact, Ms. Straughan still cooks rice and beans with stewed chicken and potato salad to sell at dinnertime on Sundays and when she is well enough, she kneads her dough to sell her baked products.

Ms. Straughan has been baking since the early 70s. It has been what helped to pay the bills and to help to feed her own family, she told the Reporter. But while she started out what she does to help make ends meet, now her two main reasons for doing what she does are the love of baking and her love for people. She gives away a lot of her baked products. Yes, while she still sells her food and baked products, she helps those who can’t afford to buy from her and people who otherwise would not have supper or breakfast.

And those who buy from her know why they keep going back for more. Anyone who has tasted Ms. Straughan’s Creole bread or powder bun or any other of her products will agree that it is the real deal. She has kept the old-fashioned way of doing things, chipping and grating the coconut, and extracting its milk to add to her dough. And when we asked what has kept her able to knead all those pounds of dough, she responded: “My God gives me the strength.”

That strength, she says, overpowers the ailments that accompany her years and the broken leg she suffered some five years ago when she had a fall.

She still invites your business by order. And if you want a very good Cross Bun for Easter, she is available at 666 6250 or at 3808 Antelope Street in the Collet area of Belize City.

And her prices are comparable too, with Sunday dinner selling from $5 a plate, and powder buns and johnny cakes going for 50 cents each, while the Creole bread sells for $1.25 and the Creole buns are priced at $1.50 each.

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