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For Belize’s Manatees…

For Belize’s Manatees…
February 16
11:27 2019 NEWSPAPER- By Marion Ali - 

The effort to save the manatees takes centre stage tonight and you have a chance to do your part by attending the 4th annual Cocktails for the Manatees fundraiser. The event takes place at the Old Belize Pavilion from 7 pm, until midnight.

For $the 30 entrance fee, patrons will be entitled to light snacks, live entertainment, prizes, and participation in a silent and a live auction at the Old Belize Pavilion.

The fundraiser is one of the main ways that Sea to Shore Alliance – the organization that works to promote the protection of the endangered manatees – seeks to get monies towards that effort.

Sea to Shore engages in campaigns to educate people about the increased threats and challenges that Antillean manatees face, such as getting injured and killed by boat propellers and what signs people need to look out for in areas populated by manatees.

Sea to Shore Alliance is a non-profit organization that has been working in Belize since 1998 to protect and conserve coastal ecosystems and the endangered manatees.

Belize has the most manatees in all of Central America, but even so, their population here is only around 1,000. Each year, there are over 40 recorded manatee deaths that are directly the result of collisions with boat propellers.

People are urged to nagivate slowly in offshore areas like Caye Caulker, Northern Lagoon inside the Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, Swallow Caye Wildlife Sanctuary, located about seven miles offshore Belize City, and the Gales Point Manatee Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the Southern Lagoon offshore Dangriga.

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