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A Sanctuary at Hedges Estate

A Sanctuary at Hedges Estate
February 06
10:56 2019

This coming Monday, the Belmopan Church of the Nazarene will be officially opening the doors of the Hedges Estate located on the outskirts of St. Matthews Village to commence their in-house rehabilitation center.

The non-profit organization will start off its first session with six members, and will be catering to persons that have been left behind by society or disowned by their families due to addiction – those that are battling depression, lack of opportunities, anger and hurt by offering spiritual guidance, moral and mental support until they are fit to return to society as healthy and productive individuals.

The 50-acre property has been designed to be self-sufficient and has been furnished with sheep, goats, chickens, geese and other farm animals. The organization has also secured the assistance of trained aquaponics personnel who will assist in safe fish farming practices. Also on board is the Ministry of Agriculture which has pledged its support to assist in vegetable farming.

As part of the rehabilitation process, the men will be required to dedicate half of their day to the upkeep of the estate and to plant and raise their own food. The other half of the day will be committed to counseling, spiritual devotion, bible study, skills training and academics.

Pastor Louis Wade of the Belmopan Nazarene Church told the Reporter that the program took an entire year to plan but will be free of cost to adult males that are in need of a resting place. “Hedges is a place where people who are hooked on drugs or alcohol can come to for assistance and guidance. Or those who have finished their prison sentence and might not want to go back to their old lifestyle or their old neighborhood for fear of getting trapped again in that lifestyle,” he explained.

Wade told the newspaper that the need seems to be so great that in just a matter of days the institution has received 16 applications. The program, however, cannot accept all those applicants and needs to ensure that its budget can fully and adequately serve six members before the decision is taken to expand it.

Wade said that the program seeks “to inspire people to get off drugs and find satisfaction in life itself, needing no kind of chemicals to enhance their lives. We hope to inspire churches to step out of their four walls and have a tangible Ministry that people need. We hope to inspire Government, when it makes legislation that it does so not only for the strongest people but also remembers the weak that are left behind by these policies.”

Hedges Estate has 15 committed board members and hopes to continue operations with funding and pledges from those who believe in this very worthy cause.

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