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Sargassum situation getting worse

Sargassum situation getting worse
August 31
14:50 2018
REPORTER: Benjamin Flowers, -

The Placencia Village Council called an emergency meeting today to try and devise a plan of action to deal with the large amount of sargassum that has washed up on the beach.

Vice Chair of the Village, Harald Wallen, told the Reporter that sargassum is an annual problem, but the current wave is the worst Placencia has ever seen.

Wallen explained that the council is working to get the necessary clearance from the relevant government agencies such as the Department of the Environment, so they can execute their two-fold strategy.

The council is considering digging a trench and burying as much as they can, and then dumping the rest in an area such as the municipal dump site.

“It will affect businesses, in fact it has already begun to. People are cancelling their hotel rooms when they see it,” Wallen said “We have to act now so we can try and make things better.”

Sargassum has been washing up on beaches in San Pedro and Caye Caulker, but recently has made it’s way into the Belize river, whic is unprecedented. Apart from ruining the aesthetic value of the scenery, sargassum carries a strong, offensive odor when it begins to decay. It also has a negative environmental impact, killing fish in the water where it is decomposing by robbing the water of its oxygen content.


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