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August 02
18:19 2018

David Alamilla, 37, was pronounced dead at 2:30pm Wednesday after he suffered an asthma attack after an accident at sea. His death has shocked not only the Belama community where he lived and operated a woodwork shop, but also the sporting community of which he was an active member.

According to reports, at around 11:00am Alamilla was with three workmen and a boat captain in a 32ft. skiff on the way to St. George’s Caye to build a bodega. The skiff they were in was towing a smaller skiff behind, loaded with lumber. Andrew Middleton told the Reporter that about a half mile from Moho Caye, they noticed that the boat being towed was taking on water. The boat captain then jumped overboard to examine the almost submerged skiff, discovering that a side panel on the skiff had been left open. It was when the Captain was climbing back on board, Middleton explained, that a wave hit him and he started drifting away from the boat.

One of Alamilla’s workers then jumped overboard with a life-vest to take to the Captain, but he too was soon in trouble because of the rough seas and that is when Alamilla jumped in to help him. While the trail of tragedy is hard to follow, Middleton says that Alamilla too soon needed help, forcing him to jump overboard with a third life vest which he took to Alamilla.

Middleton told us that that by the time he managed to reach his boss, Alamilla was already weak and could barely lift his arms up to get the life vest. Shortly after, Alamilla started to foam from his mouth, his body went still and he eventually passed out while clinging on to the life vest. Middleton says that he grabbed hold of two pieces of lumber that were drifting past and placed Alamilla’s limp body on them, while he floated on the life vest and called for help.
The men including the captain were later picked up by a tour boat which happened to be in the vicinity.

According to Middleton, the only employee who was left on board the boat could not swim or maneuver the skiff, and it is alleged that that individual placed several calls for assistance but nobody responded in time to save the life of Alamilla.
There has been an outpouring of grief at the passing of Alamilla, and the Reporter joins in expressing our condolences to his family. He leaves behind a wife and two children.

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