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Businessman Robbed of $19K

Businessman Robbed of $19K
July 28
19:29 2018

Jamie Dominguez 35, a Belizean Project manager of Usher’s Construction Limited was robbed of over sixteen thousand dollars in payroll money by a group of armed bandits on Friday evening.

Dominguez reported to police that on July 27th at around 5:10 p.m. he left his worksite in Belama Phase Two and was headed to the Bella Vista area in Belama to pay his workmen. On his way to the area he says he picked up his mother Maria Dominguez 59.

The businessman noted that when he attempted to drive off from his mother’s property he noticed as a gray colored, tinted four door Ford explorer drove up and overtook him on his left hand side, cutting off his driving lane.

Four armed men exited the vehicle and approched Dominguez’s vehicle, and at gunpoint they proceeded to rob him of an assortment of personal items including cash, cellular phones, laptop and documents along with a large manila envelope containing $16, 775 dollars, belonging to the company.

All items according to Dominguez’s report totalled over $19, 038.42

Police say that they are investigating the armed robbery.

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