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Taxi-man Hospitalized After Chopping Near Swing Bridge

Taxi-man Hospitalized After Chopping Near Swing Bridge
July 27
06:46 2018
Reporter: Thursday, July 26, 2018 -

A man chopped another in the heart of Belize City on Tuesday afternoon but Police have not been able to file charges so far because the victim has not filed a Police report about the incident, despite the fact that he suffered huge chop wounds on his arm.

Andy Myers, the Chief of Security at Ocean Ferry (formerly Marine Terminal) near the Swing Bridge, told the Reporter shortly after the incident around 3:00pm, that the victim, identified as Gerald Lewis, had a dispute with the alleged machete man, a Mr. Buckley, over a morning run. Myers said that Lewis’ son, who also runs a taxi service, went to the terminal on Tuesday morning to pick up a passenger to take to the airport, but when he tried to get the passenger, Buckley prevented him from doing so. That led to the dispute in the afternoon when Lewis showed up at the terminal and he and Buckley got into a fist-fight.

Myers said that he had to intervene and push the two men from the terminal to the street, despite the fact that two Policemen were present. He said the men continued to fight outside on the street and the two Policemen walked off across the bridge and left the men fighting. Moments later, Buckley walked over to his taxi van and retrieved a machete, while Lewis, who had armed himself with a spanner, threw the tool at Buckley. Buckley responded by chopping Lewis several times, reportedly on the right arm before Police from the Queen Street Police Station showed up on the scene. They were reported forced to fire warning shots to get Buckley to back off.

The eyewitness said that apparently the two taxi men had an old misunderstanding over taxi runs and that he would have prevented the fight from escalating to the chopping if he had his Taser on him. He also criticized the two Policemen who he said could have stopped the fight before it got to the point of blood being drawn.


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