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July 27
08:30 2018

Reporter: News Staff, Thursday July 26,

Police have apprehended a man wanted for a few days now for threatening to kill his mother. Brian Brown, a notorious street figure who is no stranger to the law, was picked up around 11:00 on Thursday morning at his house on Faber’s Road in Belize City.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams told the media on Thursday afternoon that they received a complaint from Brown’s mother twodays ago and that since then, Police had made several attempts to apprehend him. He said that on each occasion when the Police went to Brown’s residence to detain him, he went and hid behind a high fence and prevented the Police from entering his yard.

Thursday morning when the Police went to detain Brown, Williams said residents of the area hurled bottles and other projectiles at them, but they eventually gained access to the yard, with Brown locked inside his house. Police say they unleashed white smoke into the house and went inside where they found Brown hiding under a bed. Williams added that in the process of taking Brown from under the bed, he received scratches.

Williams said the arresting officers had to tie Brown in a sheet in order to restrain him and prevent him from hurting them. He assured that Brown is in good health and said that Police did not shoot him. Williams also argued that Police acted in the scope of the law to detain Brown. Brown will be charged and taken to Court on Friday. Williams said that Brown appears to be mentally unhinged and he hopes that the Magistrate will prescribe that he be psychologically evaluated.

Brown’s name came up a few months ago when he allegedly threatened to harm his mother and sister, who he claims owe him money. According to the senior officer, a child who was hurling missiles at the Police was taken to the Police Station and reprimanded before being sent back home.

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