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EDITORIAL – JULY 27th. 2018

July 27
08:44 2018

Belizeans who do not take the time to read may be forgiven for being fearful or deeply skeptical of the proposal to take the Belize Guatemala dispute to the International Court of Justice.

It is natural for people to experience doubt and apprehension on a matter so important to the future of the people of Belize.

But once you begin to read up on the history of the claim all that apprehension goes away and one is left with the firm conviction that Guatemala does not stand a chance.

We believe that the Guatemalan claim has been so misrepresented in Guatemala that the only way for the Guatemalan government to save face among the electorate is for it to allow its misconceived claim to be shot down by a tribunal of high repute such as the International Court of Justice.

Belizeans will not be satisfied until we can get Guatemala to admit that it was wrong in claiming Belizean land, but the only way we can persuade this country of more than 5 million is to have a respected tribunal like the ICJ proclaim it to all the world in terms which cannot be refuted or countermanded.

Belizeans owe it to themselves and to future generations to be familiar with the nuts and bolts of the claim so that we can take the liberating decision to defend this land of ours – not on the battlefield, but in a court of undisputed authority.

This is the greatest service – the best thing we can do for our country today – to put the safety and security of Belize out of the reach of predators, and secure for all time our secure borders in the west and in the south.

Future generations of Belizeans will mark this decision with the same patriotic fervour with which they mark the Battle of St. George’s Caye in 1798, when the settlers risked their lives against an overpowering Spanish invading force from Bacalar.

We have nothing to fear, but fear itself!

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