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CitCo Provides for Needy Families through Christian Partnership

CitCo Provides for Needy Families through Christian Partnership
July 27
09:14 2018

Reporter: Thursday, July 26, 2018 –

For three days this week, the Belize City Council engaged in a pantry program that benefited some 500 of Belize City’s neediest families. It came through a partnership between City Hall, Sisters and Brothers (S&B) Ministry – a Christian-based organization based in Florida – and other donors.

Founder of S&B Ministries Belizean-American Brenda August explained to the Reporter that the objective of the organization is to provide assistance to whoever needs it, both in Belize and the United States.

She told us that she is driven to assist the poor because she grew up not having the basics, so now that she does, she wants to give back. She said that Mayor Bernard Wagner reached out to her upon being elected and he shared his wish to be able to assist the city’s neediest families and the church decided to partner with the Council to put the pantry project together.

This pantry project for Belize is worth a significant amount.”We brought in stuff that’s worth at least $10,000US. We brought close to 40 barrels…we are able to reach out to the churches in the US…and then I also reach out to other organizations and friends and families are supportive in putting this mission together,” August stated.

From the monies the organization collects, it purchases the products and distributes them to the needy through other organizations and agencies like our local City Council.

City Councilor Dr. Candice Pitts, whose portfolio covers Foreign Affairs, Women and Children, After School Programs and NGOs told the Reporter on Tuesday that the Council devised a ticket system, distributed to the Area Representatives and Standard Bearers of every constituency, to benefit the neediest families in their respective areas, barring no one based on party affiliation. For each child that a family has going to school, they received a package, each worth around $200, Pitts explained.

The items handed out at distribution points set up in the Lake Independence, Port Loyola and Collet constituencies included basic food packages, clothing, back-to-school material, hygiene products and shoes.

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