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Prayers Answered for Fantasy 5 Winner

Prayers Answered for Fantasy 5 Winner
July 26
12:02 2018
Reporter: Thursday, July 26, 2018

One week ago, Corozal resident Esquiliano Putil and his wife were worried about how they would pay their eldest daughter’s sixth form fees when the tamales-making business they operate did not yield enough revenue. His daughter encouraged him to purchase a Fantasy 5 ticket on Saturday and told him he’d win. He took her advice and it proved true.

On Monday Putil, his wife and their daughter traveled to Belize City to claim their $234,000 prize, ($198,900 after taxes). He explained that they found out their ticket was the lucky ticket on Saturday night when his wife reviewed the winning numbers (8,9,12,24,25) on Facebook.

Moved to emotion by the sequence of events that turned his family’s life around, Putil shared with the media that the winnings will now be invested in his three children’s education and to clear existing loans. He said that it took a while for reality to register, but now that it has, he is grateful, particularly because it took only one ticket – a “quick pick” – to change his life around. He said that he had only purchased Fantasy 5 about three times prior to his big win.

Karil Wallace, Fantasy 5’s public relations officer, told reporters that this was the shortest span of time that it took for someone to win since Fantasy 5 started out – the last winner being only a few months ago.

Wallace said that Brads Gaming Company, which owns the Fantasy 5 franchise, has decided for the last few times after a big win, to restart the jackpot draw at $200,000 instead of $150,000, which was the original amount. When the Reporter asked if $200,000 will be the new permanent starting prize, Wallace said that it was something that the partners were contemplating in order to make the jackpot more attractive to patrons.

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