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July 20
11:33 2018
THE REPORTER: News Staff, 

An old allegation of sexual assault and unlawful carnal knowledge against the People’s United Party’s (PUP) Belize Rural North Standard Bearer, Marconi Leal, has come back to haunt him. But while it has gone viral on social media, the PUP has remained quiet.

The Leal matter dates back to March of 1992, when as a primary school teacher, Leal was accused of inappropriately touching a student of Pancotto Government School, 12, in Sandhill Village. He was also accused of having sexual relations with her.

The matter had gone to rest until June 1, when the PUP’s former Standard Bearer for the division, retired Major Lloyd Jones announced on his Facebook page that he was resigning. He later questioned the character of Leal, who succeeded him as the uncontested Standard Bearer.

Leal, who is also the PUP Chairman for Sandhill, told the Reporter on Thursday that the allegation is just that – an allegation. He explained that he was cleared of the accusations. He said he is not fazed by the comments coming from within his party or from his political rival in the UDP.

“This allegation means nothing in my community. But the UDP, and I am aware that some PUPs are pushing this issue,” Leal said, indicating that he is not surprised that the issue has resurfaced, but just by the timing of it. “I thought this would have come up just before the General Elections, because this is all they have on me. …My opponent sees that I am a serious contender and this is why he is bringing up this at this time,” Leal added.

Leal denied that he was disallowed from continuing his teaching profession, saying that he resigned years ago and started his own business. When we asked about reports that his US Visa was revoked in 2014, he said: “It’s not revoked; it’s not been renewed. I’ve asked the interviewer to please tell me why you refuse to renew my Visa and she gave me a letter that they give everybody – a general letter…it doesn’t state why they refused to renew. …I can go back anytime to apply for a Visa.” He indicated that he intends to re-apply for a US Visa next month.
The Reporter has tried to get comments from the PUP, but without success.

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