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Gunmen Shoot Minor on Kraal Road

Gunmen Shoot Minor on Kraal Road
July 20
08:53 2018

On Wednesday night, at around 7:25pm, Glenda Young and her daughter Alia Flowers, 13, were inside the yard of their home on #14 Kraal Road in Belize City when two gunmen rode up and fired as many as 18 shots at them. The minor was hit to the right arm while Young was not hit by any of the bullets.

Both Young and Flowers recognized the two gunmen who fled the scene after the shooting. And while Police are also in possession of that information, they say the investigation has hit a brick wall because the mother and daughter have both refused to cooperate with them.

At a Police briefing on Thursday, A.S.P. Alejandro Cowo explained that “the minor was issued with a medico-legal form as is Police protocol, but they (she and her mother) refused to seek medical attention and they have refused to make an official complaint to the Police.”

Police sources tell us that it is not that the family is afraid of retaliation, but rather that they may attempt to take matters into their own hands. The Reporter was additionally informed that at the time of the shooting, Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Operations Chester Williams was in the neighborhood and immediately visited the scene of the shooting where he was able to speak with the family.

Interestingly, the brazen gunmen did not seem to have been intimidated by a Police booth which is located about three houses away from where the shooting took place, as well as another Police checkpoint located at the intersection of South Creek Road and Fairweather Street.

The shooting has been classified by Police as gang-related. Cowo asserted on Thursday that despite the lack of cooperation from the family, the investigation is ongoing and the two suspects are being sought.

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