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Arthur Twice Scorned by PUP

Arthur Twice Scorned by PUP
July 20
09:05 2018

While there has been no official declaration, the Reporter has been able to confirm from multiple sources that the vetting committee of the PUP has met to review the application by Arthur Saldivar and he has been rejected once again, meaning that he will not be allowed to contest the Convention in Belmopan set for August 26, 2018.

When the Reporter spoke to Saldivar today, he claimed he had not been told of the decision of the committee, but reiterated that he is intent on running for the party, even if it means continuing to challenge the PUP by other means.
Saldivar did not disclose what those other measures would be, but stated that he is prepared to carry out a plan of action. “If it is that they are committed to breaking the [PUP] Constitution and to not abiding by their own Constitution, then I have to take another recourse,” Saldivar told this media house. “The ball is in their Court. They are the only ones that stand to lose, not me,” Saldivar said confidently.

The PUP has said that Saldivar wants them to repay him $294,000, which is the amount he has supposedly spent campaigning in the Belmopan constituency. But Saldivar told us that the legal action he brought against the party was premised more on principle than on money.

The ground on which Saldivar had sought the Court’s intervention dealt with the PUP’s Constitution, which he felt was abandoned when the party refused his application. “You cannot be moving the goal posts to either favour or deter persons you like or don’t like. It’s an objective standard and we must abide by it,” Saldivar charged. He claims the procedures that should apply when dealing with applications for conventions were not followed in his case. Saldivar explained that the funds he quoted in the Court application were only to show that losses would be incurred if the matter is not addressed.

The Court will not entertain claims for assets that Saldivar says he has invested for the campaign and can still use, but Saldivar says monies he spent on the campaign itself to pay workers up to the time the convention was to be held (July 1) stood at $102,000, with a break-down of $8,500 each week for 12 weeks. But since the Convention has been postponed and Saldivar says he continues to campaign, he is looking to be reimbursed whatever that amount will be up to the new convention date if he is not allowed to run.

Saldivar, by filing an injunction application in Court, got the PUP’s attention and forced a postponement of the PUP Belmopan Convention in which four other persons, namely: Oscar Mira, Wiezsman Pat, and Michelle Rodriguez are running.
Saldivar and the PUP parted ways in 2014 when the party suspended him on grounds of misconduct following allegations that arose when he represented Melanie Coye, co-owner of Money Exchange International Limited. The PUP decided to lift his suspension but to disallow him from running in the convention to give him more time to work with the party and to re-establish himself.

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