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ADRIFT AT SEA FOR 25 DAYS, Jamaicans Wash Up in San Pedro

ADRIFT AT SEA FOR 25 DAYS, Jamaicans Wash Up in San Pedro
July 20
09:18 2018

This week, 3 Jamaican fishermen are lucky to be alive after being stranded out at sea for 25 days and drifting into Belizean waters. The men, Noel Samuels, 50; Karma Beckford, 44; and Romeo Lewis, 23; left Westmoreland Parish in Southwestern Jamaica at around 12:00pm on June 23 in a 28-foot boat to do some fishing.

They had originally intended to only travel 15 miles off the coast of Negril, but began having problems and ended up drifting.

San Pedro Police got a call about the vessel showing up in Belizean waters around 11:30pm on Wednesday, and mobilized to check out the situation. By 4:30am on Thursday, they had the boat docked beside Grand Caribe Resort in San Pedro Town.
Once docked, authorities took the men to the San Pedro Polyclinic.

The incident is not the first time a Jamaican fishing boat ended up drifting into Belizean waters. In April 2010, a Jamaican fishing boat with two occupants drifted into Belize. They had spent 35 days drifting at sea before being rescued and taken to the Belize Defence Force Hospital at the Price Barracks for treatment.

Up to press time the men were being treated at the San Pedro Polyclinic. It is not yet know what arrangements are being made to return them to Jamaica.

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